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Long Distance Movers

Thibodaux Movers. has been in the industry for a long time and we have the knowledge required for a long distance move. Thibodaux Movers. has decades of experience in long distance moving to ensure that you have a successful long distance move. Our staff are experienced and qualified to provide you with a smooth relocation process. Each long distance move we undertake will begin with a free quotation which is provided when you request for a free quote. Thibodaux Movers. will then assign a consultant who will guide you through the whole process including planning so as to ensure that you have the best moving experience. The consultant assigned to you will remain professional as he is trained in the best customer care practices.

Our moving teams have also been trained in following an exact system which will ensure that the long distance move is successful and efficient. Our years of helping residents and business move have enabled us to develop a working system in which ensures that clients are able to complete a moving process without any difficulty. Before any shipping is undertaken, we will first begin by taking an inventory of all the goods in your premises. This is to ensure that each item is accounted for after the move is completed. Each furniture will then be wrapped in protective padding to increase safety as it is transported to your new residence. When our staff deliver your properties to your premises, each item is placed in the right position in the new residence. Relocating long distance that may cross state lines requires a better understanding of the laws of the interstate mover.

Long Distance Moving entails crossing state lines and Thibodaux Movers. offers moving services throughout the entire area. We guarantee that our services are on time pick up and safe delivery of your property. Whether your destination is in the same state or outside the state we will ensure that your belongings are delivered in crisp condition. As a professional long distance mover we are committed to safe delivery through careful handling of your belongings so that you can hit the ground running without worrying about the condition of your property. Long distance moving entails the mileage from your current location to your destination plus the total weight of the items being transported. To calculate the estimated cost of moving in this scenario, the weight and distance covered is necessary so as to get the correct quote. You can check out our online estimate calculator here.

Thibodaux Movers. is a specialist in long-distance relocations and we strive to ensure that clients receive exceptional services. This is by offering easy to understand quotes without adding hidden charges for a convenient moving experience. Contact us today and you will be assigned a personal consultant who will help you handle the long distance move. This ensures that your move is comprehensive and personalized services to cater to your every need and budget.

Our staff working hand in hand with you, we will take care of everything until you are safely relocated to your new premises. So make sure you contact us today. Whenever you call us, be assured that you will get:

  • -An inventory list
  • -Guaranteed and on-time pickup and delivery
  • -Pick-up is done by our staff only
  • -Unique tagging number
  • -customized crating
  • -Packing and unpacking
  • -storage
  • -quality packing materials

Long Distance Moving Tips

Because we are a professional service provider we have ensured that we give you the best moving tips when thinking about long distance moving. So read on and discover what to do:

Purging. start with purging all the unwanted stuff in your house. get rid off all the old stuff through the closets where you have stashed them and start clearing them out. Also, make sure that you make a good consideration on which furniture to take with you.

Packing supplies. search for packing supplies to enable you to pack and transport your property with ease. If it is possible to find free packing supplies from friends who have moved recently. Alternatively, you can also go to a hardware store and search the packing supplies section for good deals. The main aim is to minimise the cost of moving as much as possible. You can also contact Thibodaux Movers. for a full-service moving and leave all the work to us. We will show up and handle all the packing, loading, transportation, unloading and unpacking work. We will come with our specialized packing supplies so you do not have to worry about it.

Organize the items being moved. make sure that you organize the items you are moving with according to the room and where you need the items placed in the new premises. Clearly label all the boxes which have items so as to minimise time wastage when unpacking the items. Wrap all the fragile items in wrappers so that they are safe when transporting them. After making the boxes make sure that you place the boxes tightly so as to minimise shifting when transporting them.

Cancel and request utilities. Make sure that you cancel all the utilities you are currently using in your current location so as not to inconvenience yourself in the future when you receive bills of which you have not used. You should also request your utility companies to install your subscriptions in your new premises so that you cannot get stranded the day you move in. Remember to also check on services such as insurance so as to protect your property as you move through state lines in long-distance moves.

Stay out of the way on the d-day. make sure that you do not get in the way during the moving day. Just relax and let us do what you have hired us for. We have decades of experience and you can rest assured that we will move your property with ease and promptly. We are fully insured so as to protect your belongings as we handle your property.

Reach your new premises in advance and do a once over of the place before the truck arrives. This ensures that everything is okay.

Label furniture which needs assembly. This is important as you can immediately know which items need to be reassembled when the items are finally unpacked. Items such as beds and shelves need to be reassembled in your new home and the hustle that go into it is not worth it. You can request our movers at Thibodaux Movers. to help you with this and they will kindly oblige to your request.

Explore your new neighbourhood. After everything is unpacked and placed in the right position make sure you walk around the neighbourhood and meet your neighbours. This will enable you to learn where the nearest amenities such as hospitals, police stations, pharmacies or schools are located. You can also try out new restaurants so as to find the right place you can get your meals before you can locate your nearest grocery store.

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