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Moving Services

At Thibodaux Movers. we are in control of all your moving needs and we provide a platform in which clients can carry out any relocations without any difficulties. We will tackle your worries under one roof as a one-stop shop. You will not be transferred to a different consultant to minimize time wastage.

Whenever you contact us for moving services, you will interact with a well-trained team who will help you tackle any moving problem. Some of the services which you will receive include:

Storage: We have a storage facility which is dedicated to client’s needs. It is designed to help in short or long term needs. The state of the art facility is secure, convenient and affordable. The facility is also clean for your household items. We ensure that all hazardous materials are blocked from being stored in the facility so as to keep the environment perfect for your property.

Packing. We understand that proper packing is the most important aspect of moving and the knowledge of this is divine. It will assist you to know the packing materials required and how to do it perfectly. Our years of experience in packing and moving ensures that the item is transported without the risk of damage. Our packers will help you in the whole process but if you want to do it yourself, then read through our packing tips for more information.

Full service Moving. We also offer the same day moving service which encompasses all aspects of moving. you will contact us give us the estimated weight and mileage for long distance moving online and we will deliver an estimate. From there, a consultant will visit your house and work wot you to develop a plan to ensure that your move is successful.

Our puckers will then move in and start the packing process followed by loading the products into a truck. If you are planning a long distance move, your products will be stored in our storage facility for a period of time before transportation commences.

When the property arrives, we will proceed to unload and unpack the property and placing them where the consultant and the client agreed on.

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